Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just a little homage to Mr. Roddenberry, thanks to Regine who’s an unapologetic Trekkie!

BWL-489: Cindy Will Face Eduardo

Scoop! The next BWL fight will feature Cindy and Eduardo in the Beach Ring.
It promises to be a hot one since Cindy really has a crush on his big cock.
On the King (or Queen) of the Hill event, Cindy was eliminated by Ed because she was so aroused by his cock that she had an orgasm just rubbing it against her very sensitive natural boobs.

Later, she lost her Titjob contest in the Nature vs Nurture Tournament because she got so turned on by his manhood slipping between her oiled-up boobs that she came again. Because she was so aroused, she couldn’t concentrate on making HIM cum and she lost to her Nurtured arch-enemy, France.

Cindy and Eduardo faced each other in a boxing match in February of 2012. Ed was BWL Champion back then, and Cindy couldn’t pull a win. It’s interesting to note that the Belt Bimbos found out she was “totally wet under that thong of hers”, showing that Mr. Ed did have an effect on her even back then.

But it remains unsure if Ed will reciprocate Cindy’s attraction since he’s been involved with the BWL’s youngest member, college student Mackenzie. Their relationship seems to be on the open side, but maybe Ed will remain cool enough to exploit Cindy’s lust and score an important victory on his way to conquering the BWL Belt.
On a final note, rumor has it that Cindy, who’s actually going out with her ex-rival Jennifer after leaving her husband David, has started working as an escort in Montreal to make ends meet. It’ll be interesting to see if we can learn anything that would confirm if the mysterious “Carmen” is in fact the 100% naturally-breasted Cindy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In for a Penny...

This boxing match is a Semifinal bout for the BWL Championship Belt between Petr and super-busty Megan.
Now Megan is a prude, faithful woman. She doesn’t like the sexy part of the BWL fights and only agreed to wear sexy outfits so she’d be allowed to fight what she secretly considers to be the best fighters.
Meg is a proud, very competitive Amazon who, despite what she claims, gets totally aroused by the fight to dominate or avoid being dominated. Here, on the BWL, she faces a bigger, stronger man and can’t allow for the possibility of defeat. When Petr sends her to the mat and the ref is about to stop the fight, she’s so upset by the loss and so obsessed by her need for competition that in the heat of the moment, she brides the ref with the promise of sexual favors.
A few days later, on the BSF, we find her at a hotel to honor her word. Little does she know that she’ll enjoy cheating on her husband a lot more than she’d ever thought possible.
Megan is fascinating because she’s constantly thorn between her desire for pure competition and her longing for pure lust. Fighting turns her on, but like a lot of women, she refuses to acknowledge the erotic component of domination. This rift between what she thinks and what she can’t help but feel makes her one of the great characters.


On this little island in the Martinique, a freak genetic quirk has generated a population where males are only about 1 in 20. The same anomaly also created an abnormally large-breasted women population.
Local traditions therefore dictate that a woman who’s with a man can be challenged at any time by any other woman who wants to have sex with him. The challenge can take many forms, but mostly the consist of normal fights, breasts jousts and sexfights.
In this story, young Mackenzie is on vacation with her hulking boyfriend Eduardo. Soon, the male attracts the attention of Rita, a local woman who wants a piece of him. She challenges the young, small-breasted girl to a sexfight for Ed. But she mistakes youth for inexperience. Mack is a seasoned sexfighter and Rita soon finds herself beaten, humiliated, and forced to watch as Mack savors the spoils of victory.

I hope to soon get a grant to visit Saint-Tremblé!


One of my favorite BWL lady is Kim. What’s fascinating about her is that even when she faces another woman in real combat (like no-holds-barred MMA fights where the danger of crippling injury is very real), she always feels the need to humiliate her opponent sexually.
Her need to establish sexual superiority lead her to undertake some mysterious form of martial art where sex is used to subdue an opponent and sap his or her will to fight.
In her sexfight with Denise on last week, the redhead took offense to that and challenged Kim to face her without using her sexual skills, which was like “fighting with one hand behind my back”, according to her.
Great fight, very competitive. And I can’t wait to see where Denise’s new love for motorcycles will lead us!

The Competitive Desire

This week on, we get priviledged access to applications girls sent League’s founder Tania. It is fascinating to see such beautiful women wanting to get on a stage and face other women in the most intimate of contests: the sexfight.
In her application, April talks about her very first sexfight. Later, she gives up before/after pictures of a confrontation she had with a rival whose boyfriend she stole and then lost.
On the website, you also get to meet Paloma and Claudia. Great update and great insight in the modern Amazon’s mind!